Mechanical Lift Hinge Kit for Doors weighing up to 500 lbs

For use on personnel size acoustical doors that require enhanced sealing characteristics by compressing the seal against the frame and threshold. The Lifting action provides

A full mortise (2) hinge kit comprised of: (1) LIFTU-(LH/RH)P hinge designed to support the full door weight and provides the lifting action; (1) LIFTL-(LH/RH)P radial support hinge. The (2) hinges shall be properly spaced to assure the radial load does not exceed the radial capacity. Refer to the Engineering Section on how to calculate radial load based on hinge spacing or contact the Engineering Department.


Hinge Size: 5.00
Vertical Capacity: 500 lbs
Radial Capacities: 200 lbs
Vertical adjustment: (+/-) 1/8
Approximate torque to move door: 0.23 lb-in/lb
Bolted connection: 1/4" diameter flat head socket screw (not supplied),
Fu= 150,000 min

ANSI 156.7 standard pattern
Base Material: 1018 Cold rolled steel, options: 304 SST, 316 SST
Finish: USP(primed), options: zinc clear, US32D
Drawing: L21013K1
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Item Name

LIFT-URHP/LIFT-LRHP N/A Series Lift Right Hand Kit
LIFT-ULHP/LIFT-LLHP N/A Series Lift Left Hand Kit
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