We are pleased to announce the addition of the NB-500-LE, Low Energy Swinging Door Operator to our product line. While fully compliant with ANSI 156.19, this operator is unique because it is designed for heavy commercial/ industrial type doors that require a drive train to power the door open and power it closed (no springs used). Since there is no compression spring, all the energy becomes available for moving the door. These doors are typically blast resistant, heavy lead lined, security, interior personnel doors subjected to differen-tial pressures or entrance doors that must open and close through wind loads. The maximum rated door weight for the NB-500-LE is 2500 lbs, providing the operating torque does not exceed 1000 lb-in.

Stack Pressure Monitoring (SPM)

is now optional on all low energy models.  When an input signal is received from an external monitoring device (not included), the operator will increase the torque to the motor in order to resist a pressure differential acting on the door.  Once this "event" is over, the operator will return to "normal" or low energy operation.  Safety sensors can be integrated during the "event" mode when required.