The NB-4150

Sliding Door Operator is designed and tested for shielding doors weighing in excess of 100,000 lbs or a maximum operating force of 1800 lbs at speeds up to 8.5 inches per second. The NB- 4150 would also be recommended for any door weighing less than 100,000 lbs that are beyond the capabilities of other sliding door systems in our product line. This is accomplished with a linear drive system comprised of a 3" wide XH polyurethane steel reinforced timing belt coupled to a 3hp AC, high torque, in-line helical gear motor.

The NB-4150

is designed to be used in conjunction with an existing linear track system capable of supporting heavy doors with a low coefficient of friction. The open ended style timing belt clamps directly to the top of the door. Once the timing belt has been properly aligned and pre-loaded, in addition to the motor control parameters being correctly set, the NB-4150 will provide many years of maintenance free service.

The PLC (Programmable Logic Control) is programmed by the manufacturer to accept input signals from an external (4) button station (including open, partial open, close and stop commands). Additional I/O (input/output) are featured with the NB-4150 to accommodate inputs from infrared presence sensors and pressure sensitive tape switches that will either stop or reverse the door to the open position, when activated in the closing cycle. All input commands to the PLC are class 2 (low voltage). There are no limit or proximity switches to adjust or install. Simply adjust the door’s positioning presets as required by interfacing with the PLC via a hand held HMI (purchased separately).

The NB-4150 Commercial/Industrial Sliding Door is compliant with UL 325 Section 30.2 External Entrapment Protection (Fail Safe/Self-Monitoring) providing all External Safety Devises are wired and installed per this manual.

Rating a Sliding Door Operator:

The rating of a sliding door operator in any particular installation cannot be based solely on the weight of the door. Other factors such as linear bearing alignment, coefficient of friction, and acceleration/deceleration rates may have a substantial affect on the total axial force acting on the door operator components. We have factored these variables into the Rated Maximum Operating Forces. This assures the customer they are getting the most dependable product at a reasonable cost over the life expectancy of the operator.

Unit of Measure

Door Wt 1

N/A >100000 lbs.

Max Operating Force 2

N/A 1800 lbs.

Travel (max. in one direction)

N/A Unlimited in.

Rated Linear Speed (max.)

N/A 8.5 in./sec.


N/A Both

Mounting Style

N/A Top

Drive Train

N/A Timing Belt

Minimum Rated Cycles (openings and closings)

N/A 500000