The brookfield NB-4000 Sliding Door Operator has been designed, tested (over 500,000 cycles) and manufactured by brookfield industries, inc. for linear accelerator sliding doors weighing up to 30,000 lbs with a maximum travel of 60” and horizontal operating forces up to 700 lbs and linear speeds not to exceed 4.5 in/sec.

The NB-4000 is designed to be mounted directly to the top or front of the same horizontal beam that supports a linear motion system. The NB-4000 can also be modified for wall mounted applications, such as those used in bottom roller supported doors.

This power open/power close electro-mechanical operator with its state of the art components, make it the strongest, most reliable and easiest to install in the industry today. Refer to the Wiring Legend for Terminal Strip Hookup for all open, partial open, close, stop and safety device inputs, which are all Class (2) 24VDC normally open momentary contact (except the stop input, terminal #10, which is a normally closed input). Power supply hookups for both Class (2) 24VDC, 110VAC and 230VAC(European installations) are also indicated. The PLC then processes all this information, in addition to many other features for proper control of these heavy lead doors. This door operator is patented under US Patent No. 6,177,771 B1.

We are Authorized to Mark the NB-4000 with the ETL (US and Canada), and CE markings from Intertek Testing Services to assure compliance with UL 325(Control No. 3011624), FCC Part 15 (Emissions) and the following International Standards: EN 60335-1 and -2 (Safety), EN 61000-6-2 (Immunity), EN 61000-6-4 (Emissions), CAN/CSA-C22.2 and ICES- 003. The "listing" reports specifically refer to the heavy commercial/industrial doors associated with linear accelerator rooms.

Unit of Measure

Door Wt 1

N/A 30000 lbs.

Max Operating Force 2

N/A 700 lbs.

Travel (max. in one direction)

N/A 60 in.

Rated Linear Speed (max.)

N/A 4.5 in./sec.


N/A Single Only

Mounting Style

N/A Top or Front

Drive Train

N/A Ball Screw (1.0" dia.)