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DO583 N/A 132" Remote Cable N/A NB-4000
DO605 N/A Adjustable Nyton Lever Heavy Duty Limit Switch N/A NB-4000
DO608 N/A 24VDC Relay N/A NB-4100, MAIN/SUB, Custom I/O interface, NB-4000 (reversing edge circuit)
DO619 N/A Quick Disconnect N/A NB-4000
DO627 N/A Surge and EMI Filtering Kit N/A ALL
DO639 N/A 12V Float Battery Charger N/A NB-500, NB-1000, NB-2000
DO-639-1 N/A 24 VDC Float Charger N/A NB-4000
DO665 N/A In-line Gear Reducer-Ratio 6.3:1 - MOTOR END (USEM CBN1701SB3-6.3U56C ) N/A NB-4000
DO667 (DO666-base) N/A 1.0 amp breaker and base N/A ALL W/ PLC
DO669 N/A 15 Amp Circuit Breaker N/A NB-4000, NB-4100
DO674 (DO666-base) N/A 3.0 amp circuit breaker for battery backup N/A NB-500, NB-1000, NB-2000
DO675 (DO666-base) N/A 8.0 amp circuit breaker N/A NB-1000, NB-2000
DO676 (DO666-base) N/A 10.0 amp circuit breaker N/A NB-4000
DO693 (DO666-base) N/A 4.0 amp breaker and base N/A NB-500
DO710 N/A Ferrite Bead Suppression N/A NB-500, NB-1000, NB-2000
DO711 N/A FP-PS24-050-E 24VDC Power Supply N/A MAIN/SUB OPERATORS
DO730 N/A 15 foot gray outer cable N/A ALL
DO742-1 N/A Motor and Gear Reducer Assembly N/A NB-1000
DO743-1 N/A Motor and Gear Reducer Assembly N/A NB-2000
DO745 N/A Logic Assembly NB-500 N/A NB-500
DO746 N/A Control Logic Assembly NB-4000 N/A NB-4000
DO747 N/A Control Logic Assembly N/A NB-1000,NB-2000
DO748 N/A Ball Screw Assembly for NB4000 N/A NB-4000
DO749 N/A NB-2000 Elastomeric Coupling Assembly N/A NB-2000
DO750 N/A NB-1000 Elastomeric Coupling Assembly N/A NB-1000
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