One Kit is comprised of a single Spring-Lift 100 Hinge installed as the center hinge that raises the door while opening. In addition, this hinge is furnished with a set screw for adjusting the spring closing force. Two W-100HD modified hinges installed at the top and bottom of the door support the radial (horizontal) loads generated by the moment arm of any wide door or gate.


The center Spring-Lift 100 Hinge supports the full door weight and will raise the door ½" in 180 degrees. The lifting action provides the hinge with 2 force components for generating positive self-closing action:

(1) The potential energy created by raising the total weight of the door with the hinge’s internal power screw.

(2) As the door is opened, a series of disc springs are compressed that will add to the total potential energy in the Spring-Lift 100 Hinge. A set of disc springs, located inside the top of the hinge, that when adjusted with the large set screw controls the amount of closing force acting on the door. Turning the 1"- 8 set screw clockwise, will decrease the closing force and minimize door slamming. Turning the set screw counterclockwise will increase the closing force if the door needs to overcome wind loads or out -of -plum conditions. Note: The adjusting set screw is a force balance and not a damping devise; therefore, changing the amount the door is opened and/or varying other field conditions may affect how the door contacts the frame. We strongly recommend that a latching devise be incorporated into the design of the door/gate. The small set screw at the bottom of the hinge adjusts the height of the door (+/- 1/8") for fine tuning alignment with the strike edge.

The (2) outer hinges (top and bottom) are modified from the Series W-100HD hinge and provide only radial (horizontal) support and are designed to allow for vertical movement. These hinges can support doors or gates of any width providing the applied radial load does not exceed the radial capacities. Refer to the Engineering Section for radial load calculations.


Door weight = 1500 lbs
Radial = 1630 lbs


Series Spring-Lift 100 Hinge Kit will function at the rated capacities providing the following specifications are met:

The 3 hinge system is installed without inducing "hinge bind".

Door weight shall never exceed the capacity of the center hinge.

The applied radial load shall never exceed the radial capacity of the top and bottom hinges.

5/8" diameter Grade 5
Fu = 120,000 psi
Preload = 1200 lb-in
Minimum thread engagement into reinforcing member shall be equal to bolt diameter.

For weld on applications, the minimum fillet weld size shall be ¼" and be full length on(3) sides of each leaf. Weld interpass temperature at the hinge barrel shall not exceed 225

1018 Cold Rolled Steel (standard)
304 stainless steel (optional) note: plate thickness may change

USP (standard)
Zinc clear (optional)
US32D (optional)

Unit of Measure