Designed and tested to support thrust loads or doors weighing up to 800 pounds. For those detention grade applications, they meet or exceed ASTM F1758 Grade 1 and are FBOP approved. They feature self-lubricating, maintenance free, radial and thrust bearings which have PV ratings as high as 28000 psi x fpm. A precision, ground stainless steel, maximum security hinge pin is welded in place.

Unit of Measure


N/A Institutional, Security, Detention, Lead, Blast, Gate -- Non-Handed

Hinge Size

N/A 5 in.


N/A 1018 CRS 304 Stainless Steel


N/A Prime Painted (1018 Only -- standard finish) Plain Mill (304 SST Only -- Standard Finish) 26D Satin Chrome Plated (1018 Only) 32D Satin Stainless (304 SST Only) Zinc Plated (1018 Only)

Mounting Holes

N/A None Drill


N/A Standard Single Cut Single Long Double Cut Double Long

Thrust Capacity (Door Weight)

N/A 800 lbs.

Radial Capacity

N/A 320 lbs.

Operating Torque *

N/A 50 lbs. in.

Torque Note

N/A * Theoretical value based on maximum loads. Actual values are dependent upon installation variables.

----Bolt Description (for 1018 Hinge)

N/A 1/2" dia. Grade 5 Hex Head, 120,000 psi., 625 lb-in bolt preload(1018) 3/8" dia. Socket Head, 160,000 psi., 320 lb-in bolt preload(1018)

----Bolt Description (for SST Hinge)

N/A 1/2" dia. flat head socket, 70,000 psi; 625 lb-in bolt preload(SST) 3/8" dia. flat head socket, 70,000 psi; 300 lb-in bolt preload(SST)

Hinge Weight (approx.)

N/A 7 lbs.

N/A Series i-8500 hinges will function at the rated capacities providing the following specification is met:

1. The hinges are installed without inducing "hinge bind".

2. A minimum of 2 hinges (1 pair) are used per door.

3. Door weight or thrust load shall never exceed the thrust capacity of one hinge.

4. Compliance with bolting specification.

5. Minimum thread engagement into reinforcing member shall be equal to bolt diameter.

6. For weld on applications, the minimum fillet weld size shall be 1/4", and be full length on the top, bottom, and vertical edges of the mounting surface of each hinge leaf. There shall be no welding on the backside, adjacent to the hinge barrel. Assure the weld interpass temperature at the hinge barrel does not exceed 225 deg. F.

7. For certain high frequency applications, adequate load distribution between hinges maybe necessary to obtain the highest margin of safety with respect to load-life on bearings.